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Free 8 Week Home Study Program

I am so excited to move on to a wonderful opportunity to help even more families with children with autism. But I have all of this valuable information and resources from my dietary coaching and I didn’t want to let it go to waste.

So guess what? You can now get my 8 week Home Study Program – Successfully Transition Your Child with Autism to a GFCF Diet ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Just click on the videos below and get started.

All of the documents required to complete the homework can be found here: Homework Documents

All I ask in return is that if you are enjoying the videos and are finding the information valuable to please consider purchasing my eBook “The Apples to Oranges Family Friendly GFCF Cookbook.” You can find it in our store.


Home Study Program – Successfully Transition Your Child to a Gluten Free and Casein Free Diet

The Home Study Program is perfect for the busy parent who wants to make positive changes for their child but needs to be able to do it on your own schedule. Weekly instructional videos take you through the transition and give you practical, relevant action steps to take each week.

What makes the Apples to Oranges Home Study Program unique is that we take a holistic approach. This program takes into account your entire lifestyle as you transition your child to this therapeutic diet. We even look after you, the parent, in this whole process as you embark on this new adventure.

Week 1 Video

Week 1 Learning Objectives
-Why eliminating certain foods can be beneficial to your child’s health and behaviour
- Antigenic Food Cycle explained
- What is gluten and casein?
- Steps to transitioning
- Common concerns with the GFCF diet

Week 2 Video

Week 2 Learning Objectives
- Learn the different ingredients and foods that contain gluten and casein
- Substitutes for gluten and casein
- Introducing Reward Systems
- Planning

Week 3 Video

Week 3 Learning Objectives
- How to explain the diet to others
- How to work with teachers and other professionals
- How to manage when your child is not in your care
- How to manage holidays and special occasions
- Building your support network
- More tips on getting yoru child on board with the new diet

Week 4 Video

Week 4 Learning Objectives
- Putting everything together to create 4 GFCF meals
- Using documents
- Scheduling time
- Checking in with yourself

Week 5 – No video!

Usually in week 5 clients would have a one-on-one consult with me. Now that the program is free the consult is not included. So consider this a week to continue expanding your recipes and meals and trying new things. If you have questions at this point you can email me at applestoorangesconsulting@gmail.com

Week 6 Video

Week 6 Learning Objectives
- Gaining Momentum
- Charting Progress
- Eating Out
- Budgeting
- Time Saving Tips
- Food Additives

Week 7 Video

Week 7 Learning Objectives
- Where to go from here
- Other therapies
- Vitamins & supplements
- Nutrition & learning
- Continuing with GFCF meals

Week 8 Video

Week 8 Learning Objectives
- Other Diets – SCD, GAPS, Feingold, Body Ecology, Elimination Diet
- Traveling & the GFCF Diet
- Avoiding Cross- Contamination – 3 part video series


The Apples to Oranges Family Friendly GFCF Cookbook – Gluten Free & Dairy Free Made Easy

The Gluten Free and Casein Free Diet has never been easier or yummier with these family friendly, kid-tested recipes. Including tips for beginners, how to make substitutions, shopping and budgeting tips this book has it all. Each recipe also has an easy to follow allergen guide so you can easily choose recipes that suit your family’s needs. Whether you’re new to this diet or looking for some fresh inspiration, these recipes will become family favourites.

Buy it Now!


5 Responses to “Free 8 Week Home Study Program”

  1. This sounds wonderful ! We have just been discussing these issues on our page. I will gladly share with my group :)

  2. Thanks Noreen! I’m really looking forward to hosting this series!

  3. This is great! I’m hoping to join your webinar series in September Lori – I’ve also posted it on my site to let others know!

  4. I would love to transition my child to the GFCF diet but I have the following concerns:
    - my child is an EXTREMELY picky eater. We are working on textures, smells and such with an OT.
    - he is already thin. Not underweight, but he probably can’t afford to lose any either.

  5. Hi Maureen,
    Your concerns are very common. Our kids are often very picky. This can be due to several reasons. One reason may be sensory as you’ve mentioned. Another is that even though certain foods are likely bothering them, their body craves them. I’ve worked with lots of kids who craved things like milk or bread and would eat little else. However, parents usually find that once you remove the gluten and casein these cravings go away and their child is more interested in other foods. This doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a few weeks but if you can get through it the improvement can be remarkable. Parents also find that previous sensory issues around food improve. Another reason for pickiness is that it’s not uncommon for kids with autism are low in zinc. Zinc helps us to taste and smell our food properly. So if a child is low in zinc then he isn’t experiencing his food in the same way as you or I and therefore limits his foods. As for weight, it’s very common for kids with autism to be thin. They often have lower muscle mass than your average child. I completely understand the fear that your child will lose weight. However, my experience has been that although the child may go through a short time where they’re eating a little less, their weight does not decrease drastically and eventually they end up gaining weight because they are eating better. I hope that helps!

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